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The World is Closer Than Ever Before!

Are we opened minded enough to use new ways to reach more people?

Culturally we’re approaching the metaverse, the third version of the internet. The first version, the www, was all about information. The second version, Web 2.0, was all about social aspects. The third version, Web 3.0, is all about experiences.

As culture begins to adopt the metaverse, we the church need to begin to explore our role in these new technological advancements. We must understand the metaverse experience.

As the metaverse continues to expand… virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, crypto… we should be looking at these technologies as opportunities to advance the Kingdom, not in the spirit of fear.

So, let’s explore how the metaverse can expand our view of disciple-making, create new opportunities in the metaverse mission field, and multiply ecclesiologically stable metaverse churches.

  • Metaverse Disciple-making

    Could metaverse technologies help complement the disciple-making process in physical churches?

  • Metaverse Mission Field

    How does engaging in metaverse communities open up a new mission field? The harvest is plenty. The workers?

  • Metaverse Churches

    How does a metaverse church follow a biblical ecclesiology? Can a Biblical church function in virtual reality?

  • Metaverse Technologies

    How will metaverse technologies like AI, machine learning, even blockchain and crypto, help physical churches and their mission?


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AS SEEN ON THE TODAY SHOW: How the Metaverse is changing the way people attend church. Continuing their series “Inside the Metaverse”, NBC’s Savannah Sellers reports for the 3rd Hour of TODAY on how people have turned to virtual reality for digital worshiping.


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